Our work

Every solution we implement for you - from the conventional to the exotic - passes through several critical checkpoints in our design process.  First and foremost, we make reasonably certain that a given technology will work reliably in its role.  It must also be highly intuitive for its users to operate.   Lastly, we ensure it will properly blend with the aesthetics of the environment.  Only after these boxes are checked do we look at relative performance between options.

Governed by this framework to ensure a proper result, we're also bold and willing to do that which few can do or hasn't been done before.  From flat-panel TV's hidden in the ceiling that flip down at the touch of a button to motorized walls of glass.  Perhaps you'd like your bedroom shades to stay down for an extra hour on weekend or a notification on your phone when the mail arrives.  In most cases, if you can imagine it, we can do it.